Cedar Post Restaurant, ideal at dawn

Kountry Kraft alert!

Stumbled across the Cedar Post Restaurant on Hwy 25 this morning in the gloaming.. The gloaming has long been my favorite time of day. Driving Lucy to the Cinci airport (which is in Kentucky, btw), it occurred to me that about 4:30 am in the morning is kind of “the staging hour.” It’s the minutes before the Big Show. “You mean the Every Day?” Lucy asked. Yep. The Every Day. The Big Show. Same thing. It’s easy to think of it as “just another day;” but if you’re up before the sun comes up (no small feat), it’s somehow much more epic.

Plus, if you’ve just driven yr. sweetie to the airport, you might then stumble across some total Kountry restaurant and be the only customer, listening to the locals talk about health and home repair. Headed to my table: the house special, the “Sunrise Surprise,” which is appropo since that is exactly what’s happening outside. There’s a lot to be said for a well-timed, well-named meal, methinks. This place is a cabin-like structure, what with the logs and the chinking; it’s actually three buildings it seems, the oldest of which is currently a beauty shack. Hand-written on the sign it says “We use Matrix.” Which kind of reminds me of the funny thing that less-than-fluent (and often perfectly smart, I must add) people say concerning computer software: “Do you have Microsoft?” or “Can you show me how to use Adobe?” These are all brands, not products, not that anybody’s keeping track. Okay, okay, I’m keeping track.

I asked my waitress about the age of the building. “This building must be pretty old, right?” I inquired, looking around at the Daniel Booneness of it all. She smiled proudly and concurred: “Oh yeah—I would say this place is at least 20 years old.”

………….Right. Well, I guess there’s something said about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery—I’m sure Daniel Boone would have slept here…Had he been born a lot later..

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  1. Hey, I ate there too. What a cool place! I did make the mistake of coming on a sat.nite when they have Karoke…could hardly get a table to eat at. The food was definitely country. I had the biscuits and gravy at 8pm, ha.
    I only hung around to see what the music was like. Too many people there on Karoke nite for me. Next time I will come on a week nite. Still trying to get a job across the highway at Toyota so I will be back. Anybody got some pull with Toyota?

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