Could it Be?

In the wake of the seemingly-settled 15-year lawsuit between Apple Computer and the Beatles’ label Apple Records, some people are saying there’s gonna be a whole new revolution in digital music delivery. Like Wired News, for instance.

Will the iPod be the new CD?

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  1. That’s pretty intense news if it’s true. A possible example of insanely great planning on Uncle Steve’s part. –or he may just be lucky!

    News Flash: as of Sunday, I became the last man in Manhattan to own an ipod. Always the savvy shopper, I got the “certified refurbished” 2 year old style at an actual non-apple Apple store. Um, 30 bucks extra for 60 gig instead of 30 gig? Yeah OK, I might need some spare hard drive space someday. But no way I’m wearing the white adverto-plugs in my ear! They sound poopy anyway.

    I’m so glad I got my gizmo before it was pre-loaded with tunes. Saves me the trouble of erasing it! Then again, does this mean that 2 years from now I’ll be able to buy schlock nanopods for 25 cents each, hack into them & make my own mix-pods?

    Makes me think of a fave old promo concept once received @ WRFL; an auto reverse cassette walkman with the band’s tape superglued into it.

    You gotta figure they’ll make the album.pod non-reloadable somehow & thus send many extra tons of flash memory to landfills everywhere. Sadly, it’ll probably cheaper than peeling the stickers off every old Justin Timberpond joint.

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