A Short Q&A about Tucson

Q: Why are you going in Tucson, Mick? A: Because it’s there.

Longer answer: We live in some kinda information age right? I work at home much of the time, right? On a computer on the internets, right? So it seems.

So I want to see about taking this show on the road. I want to see if I can just kind of go do this stuff somewhere else. Not anywhere in particular, mind you; Tucson gets the nod for a few reasons: Mostly because of intrepid and inspiring friends Ari and Eren, the Dos Vatos who have blessed me with the magic hosting attitude on more than one previous occasion: “Come on! Stay at our place! Entertain yourself, and depending on our workload, we’ll do some fun things with you!”

That is my kind of hosting situation. It worked miracles for me a few years ago in Mexico. Now, throw in some maps, a rental car (cheap on Priceline), a guidebook, and wireless broadband—and a wealth of gizmos and their requisite power adapters—and I’m prepared to test my theory that I can be not just “away from the office,” but in fact “really really FAR away from the office” and still get the job done, yo.

So that’s why I’m in Tucson. Also, to take a billion pictures, drive around in the desert and not lastly—nearly firstly, in fact—go see Giant Sand’s only hometown show of 2007…tonight at the Hotel Congress!

More to come!

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