Solomon Royce!

Well, Josh and Jamie are parents, y’all!

Welcome, Solomon Royce McAlpin Burks, who came into the big blue marble at 10:52 am today, after nearly three days of on-again, off-again labor by Miss Jamie. Jeez, oh Pete!

Jamie says:

Born at home in the water. I caught him!!
7.12 lbs, 19.5 in length blue eyes mama’s lips Of course hair… more of that to come, surely! November 30th, 10:52 a.m. What a beautiful day to be born!!! We are so blessed and I am eternally grateful for the people that were here with me supporting me after three long days and you know who you are! Thank you everyone for all your blessings, prayers and support!
Love to you all!!
Jamie & Joshua & Solomon

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