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I’m actually writing online right now, which is stupid, because internet access is a luxurious $0.75 cents a minute here at sea. They getcha!

Anyway, I’m writing b/c I’m waiting for some pix to upload so you can see the wonder that is this cruise adventure. Today, we’re at sea, but this evening we’re docking in San Juan, which I look forward to. There’s been some talk of what to do; some people want to go on some bio-trip. Bio-schmio, I say. Let’s go disco dancing. We’ll see.

Looks like picture uploading ain’t going so well… (sigh)

Maybe I’ll try to upload a select few and put the rest on ice until we return. Oh—speaking of “on ice”—there are apparently several fascinating facilities that we don’t get to see on the ship: a morgue, for instance. and a brig, too. I hope I don’t end up in either one…

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