Eames Curb Find!

So the other day, I was driving along in my old neighborhood and totally found an Eames Ottoman sitting on the curb. What kind of people throw out an Eames Ottoman?

Of course, you could argue, “What kind of people pick up a dank orphaned foot rest?

Guilty as charged!

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  1. good find.

    had i not been on foot… the other day, there was a good bit of nifty dated junk outside of rosenberg’s pawn shop that looked worthy of sifting through.

    though, i didn’t want to appear like a filthy street denizen lugging the moldy stuff back to the office.


  2. Nice One Mick!–there’s at least one new Eames book coming out next season if you’d like to investigate yrr windfall.

    Now listen here. In New York, folks be racing to get the good street finds first–not worrying about how they look doing it. I’ve experienced designer wearing fashionista types beating me to the punch digging through likely looking trash piles. Even if it ain’t Eames, you’ve got to get IN THERE!

    Percy Placebo–I don’t think I’ve ever met you–BUT if/when it happens, you’ve got some explaining to do. I would consider a pile of debris from Rosenberg’s Pawn Shop well worth calling in sick for.

  3. In Madison, every mid-August is trash pickers paradise. All the apartments turn over at once, and entire families (even the decent upstanding ones, unlike us) make it an activity. Students unknowingly throw out their parents danish modern furniture (kids these days), eames chairs, clothes, you name it. We even have a “free store” where a bunch of nutty hippies load their bike trailers, vans or whathaveyou full of “trash” and bring it to a common spot which is all set up nice and people come and pick through it for like 3 days. Rock the garbage!

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