Help Wanted: Jet-setting hotel deejay.

Stéphane_Pompougnac is kind of my hero. Well, if not “hero,” then trajectory model. This is the guy who puts together these Hôtel Costes mix compilations that are apparently the product of his affiliation with the ultra-snobby Paris hotel. Think I’m kidding? look at their incredible lack-of a web site. A sure sign of snobbiness is having a sparse non-web site, I assure you.

What does it take to be a hotel music guru? I would like the opportunity to find out and be compensated accordingly.

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  1. Talk to Lucy about our dealings with Herve Chapelier about our website…those French!According to Amy Leigh….they hate the internet and everything about it.
    However, there is something about the Hotel site that I kind of dig.
    And i just have to say that the shoes you featured on the blog are FABULOUS!

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