My new favorite toy (camera)

Sparkle and bowls (Holga)
Originally uploaded by mrtoastey.

One of my greatest xmas 2005 delights was the Holga camera that TT gave me! Yay! A Holga!

I’ve wanted one for years now, but the desire has never manifested itself in me bothering to actually get one. I mean—it’s not like they’re expensive—I could have bought one. The thing is, I think I’m having more fun with it on account of somebody having given it to me. If I’d bought it for myself, it might well have ended up on my “stack of cool things.” Truthfully, it might still. (Hello, short attention span)

But right now, I’m having some fun with it. This picture—of TT’s kitty Sparkle— was taken a few minutes after the unwrapping, and followed by a trip out to the country and to one of my fave places, The Pet Cemetery.

Sparkle, of course, is quite alive in this picture. And I feel alive as a photographer with my new toy camera!

T’anks, Tessa!

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