I’m Engaged—Film at 11.

Well, people, I’m engaged.

Pictured is my mom’s Star Sapphire, which I gave to Lucy—via waitress—at the Causeway Café at Wrightsville Beach, NC on the day after Thanksgiving 2005. I love Miss Lucy and certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year. If you want to see pictures and words, here are pictures and words. Extra credit to Wyn and Lolli who correctly sussed what the Sapphire entries on my blog must mean.

By the way: We don’t know The Date. Deal with it. 😉

BUT we both love our many glorious friends, far and wide, and look forward to coming up with a special occasion for us all to convene.

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  1. Well done, my friend. You two deserve each other and I mean that most sincerely(not cynically, like people usually say it).

  2. Mick & Lucy CONGRATULATIONS! and welcome to the joyful world of those-willing-to-take-a-leap-of-faith! Mick, without a doubt the smartest thing you have done since I’ve known you!

  3. Does Nathan KNOW about this!?!!

    I can’t believe you let him kiss you like that, then turn around and ask Lucy to marry ya!

    But I am very, very happy for you both!

  4. Lucy, I like the ring not because I have one, it’s pinkish red, but because the ring and you have something in common. The true beauty doesn’t come out until exposed to pure light. I pray that only the best is in your future and that you both are very happy. When we last ate at the chimneys Mick gave you that look of, she’s mine, so given time this day would soon be here.

  5. Hooray! I’m grinning for you that kind of sweet sheepish smile that you get when somebody lets you hold a bunny… Congrats you two fine people!

  6. Not a red rose or a satin heart.

    I give you an onion.
    It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.
    It promises light
    Like the careful undressing of love…

    – Carol Ann Duffy said it best.

    So enjoy the highs, lows, hurts and spurts. Life is a moon wrapped.


  7. I don’t know if I am witty enough to post a comment on your blog, but I wanted to say WOW! That is great news!! I’m so glad I got to meet Lucy and catch up with you at Chris’ nuptials. Was there something in the water that night?

  8. I am still squealing when I think about this. I get a little joy because I’ve gotten to tell all the friends who fell in love with both of you at my wedding. so much love comin’ your way! xxxooo

  9. the two of you are so beautiful. i am honored to know you and be a part of this most marvelous sharing.
    mr. mickster, you win extra gold stars for your fabulous blog-alicious teasers!!

    love and a million and two blessings.
    –the tiffstah

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