Cape Coddled!

Here I am sitting at the seaport in boston waiting for my ship to come in. Okay, it’s already here and it’s not a ship. It’s a ferry to Provincetown. But I am waiting for a shrimp cocktail, if that counts. It’s sea-related, right? Right.

Flyiing into boston harbor, we passed over this outcropping of rocks with an old lighthouse on it. the kind of thing you’d see in—I don’t know—a movie trying to establish it’s eastern seaboardness. It was one of those almost fictional sights, that isn’t fiction. It could have been abandoned, though.. There was something so staged looking. I guess it’s similar to the Dust-Blowed Desert Gas Station; these are things that a Kentucky native kind of only sees on TV.

Well, I didn’t mention—I’m going to a lesbian wedding in Provincetown, Mass. To get there, I drove to Louisville, flew to NY, flew to Boston, took the water taxi to the seaport, and now I’ll take the Fast Ferry to P-Town. This definitely fills my recommended daily allowance of unusual transportation options. which always a plus, as far as i’m concerned. I love traveling.

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