Rae Kicks Mountain Bike Ass! Film at 11.

One of my pals just completed the most amazing endeavor. I’m so awed by it!

Rae Gandalf—who some of you may know from “back in the day”—has moved on to a fascinating career as a Veterinarian, and sometimes posts emails with stories of pulling a gorilla’s tooth, or x-raying an Elephant or what-have-you. But this latest thing—wowza! Rae was recuited to participate in the Santa Cruz Bikes Hellride 2, a competition that pits “amateur” (I use that time very loosely) mountain bikers with world-class pros for the chance to win the bike they ride—if they can only keep up on…the HELLRIDE!

Well, Rae kept up. No surprise to those of us who know her. But what a feat! And of course, an entertaining account, because she’s also a wonderful writer. So click here to read Rae’s account of her adventure!

If you want to congratulate her, email her!

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