Headed back inland

Probably no surprise, but since arriving at the Beach, I just haven’t had time from blogging. Plenty of time to sit around lolling in a beach chair, though. Luckily for my leisure, the laptop fears the sand, so she no go to da beach! It’s been delightful here in Wrightsville Beach. We’re getting ready to head inland, Lucy and I, to take the long way home. I’m becoming a big fan of this, and have nearly comcluded that every bit of driving stress can be attributed to some aspect of Interstate driving—the trucks, traffic stop-ups, road work, dickheads, you name it. Most of these things, not found on the back roads!

A quick shout out to pal Jessie, who loves Wrightsville Beach! It’s hot here, Jessie Lou! A hunnerd, nearly!

So we’re gonna split for cooler climes. (no, it’s not just that. it’s a recurring thing called “work,” too, calling us back to Lex) Hopefully some more adventures in the Pisgah Mountains, the Blue Ridge, “Mountain Mama,” etc.

Oh, funny thing—I was searching for some jernt for us to get some fine fine North Carolina barbecue as we venture along, and got one of those automated banner ads that said the most ridiculous thing: “North Carolina Barbecue: Huge selection of new & used. Check out the deals now! www.ebay.com”

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