The Experts!

Well, kids there’s a new comic on the block, around the block, all over the place, from our pal Kenn Minter! Kenn’s worked really hard to give birth to The Experts. I think he’s gonna have stretch marks, if you want to know the truth… You want to know the truth? Kenn’s gone so far as to form his own publishing company, Near Mint Press, to bring you, gentle reader, a little further into his hipster brain. How many y’all got yr. own comic books, huh? HUH?!

The Experts—which has been co-hatched with Kenn’s diabolical colleague Clarence Pruitt—is vintage Minter, showcasing some of his most endearing themes like—you know—neurotic superheros with dubious powers, a plethora of emotional hand-wringing and no shortage of curvaceous females. I said it was vintage Minter, right? The Experts is kind of a small-town suburban version of the X-Men, with half the superpowers, and double the super egos. It also reminds me of The Tick. Heck, pal, you don’t have to believe me about the coolness of The Expertstake a look for yourself. Besides, I’m no comic genius. I just know the goods when I spot’em…

And thanks to Ye Olde Internet, it’s a snap to get yourself a copy of Kenn’s new book from ComixPress. If you’re in Lexington, it’s available at your finer comic book shops. Or if you want to deal directly with Mr. Minter—His Comixness—himself, just email him.

Hurry up and buy it so he can get himself cleaned up.

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  1. and then i heard mr. minter’s been secretly working on a comic strip series featuring the wacky shenanigans of the world’s cutest belly dancers, Rakadu Gypsy!! can’t wait for that to come out!

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