What is with this “tomkat” shit? I don’t pay attention but got the lowdown from my knowing pal Lara to fill me in. Mostly, I like the Scientology angle.

Anyway, this is a good way for me to shift the focus back to me and … a little story!

Once, while living in NY, I was walking home, and passed a Scientology location. They had this poster that showed this blockbuster looking sci-fi sort of image and it said “free movie about scientology.” So I thought: “this’ll be fun..” I mean—what other “religion” has their own holy cruise ship?

I went in and approached a lone figure seated behind a hotel-like counter. She was brief and receptive, leading me back to what I hoped to be some sort of outrageous mini-THX plush theater (this being based on the production value of the poster I saw out front). Instead I was taken to this blank, empty room, with maybe a couple of chairs and a TV on one of those rolling carts. The person said: “So and so will be with you in a moment to start the film.” So I waited.. and waited… and waited.. okay, I waited for maybe 6 minutes. That was all the time I had for Scientology nutjobs. Then I strolled out the front door without saying ‘bye.

Kinda wanted to see the film, though…

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