Recent snapshots by Mick Jeffries

smutty tulipSnapshot Renaissance
by Mick Jeffries

June 17, 2005 Gallery Hop, 6-8pm
Downtown Lexington
Isle of You, corner of Jefferson & Short

Friends, I’m proud to announce my 4th Photography Show!

These pictures are up at Isle of You, for your viewing, even for your buying! They’re unframed, unmatted, un-anythinged. You want one? Just slide Mick a tenner and it’s yours. Instant cheap art for you!

This show is a simple collection of snapshots, blown up to mini-posters. I don’t know what the difference between a “photograph” and a snapshot is, but I think we’re living in a Snapshot Renaissance.So it’s time to put some of them up.

Hope you can come down for the meet-and-greet, but if not, hope you’ll check out the snaps online. And if you’re in the neighborhood, you can stroll up the street to see fabulous tile work by Isle lovely Melissa Muir at Kentucky Mudworks.

Also, after Gallery Hop, be sure to head over to Mecca for Re:Arrangements, an amazing evening of performance art with Auk Theater, the soiled weirdness of Super-Toilet Brush, Super bendy Alyssum Pohl, and more!

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  1. Cool Shots!

    Wish I could see them in person.

    You should include the pic of you with glowstick cocktail currently used as yrr profile pic. I may be vain but I’m pretty sure I pushed the button on that one. Sure it was yrr camera, but it was my button push that made it all happen. I’m a genius photographer, so give ME the 10 bucks. The least you can do is is buy me a drink. Wait a minute, you already bought me a drink.

    Guess I owe you one.

    Luv JT

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