Horsin’ Around

Blur-by week. Or Derby week, I guess. whatever, it was, it was a bucketful, a julip full, an aircraft hanger full of fun. Fun, people! Like it was meant to be had! The kind where there’s not someplace you’ve got to be, not someplace you’d rather be. No business that you gotta take care of real quick or appointments to fit in. That kind of fun.

Much of this must be credited to The Minnesotans, who rallied, sparred, jabbed and parried like only the most exquisite and delectable party people can. How do you write about this? Well, first, I guess, you mention the reunion show by Love Jones, who amazed in spite of their near-brillo-pad roughness. For most bands, not practicing for a $25 a head charity gig would strike a dubious (and sour) chord, but the Louisville laggards (no, they did not appear in Swingers but they were in Since You’ve Been Gone) demonstrated that their “we don’t fucking care what you think” edge was still razer sharp. Jennifer and I agreed that we’d never cut a band this much slack before and had such a great time in the process. Also, if a big loud rock show in an aircraft hanger sounds like a good idea, think again. Still, pour a strong and cheap enough screwdriver, in sufficient quantities and it’s a wonder nobody got arrested on the adjacent runway (Or, as Ben explained: “As good of an idea as it may sound like, do not leave here and decide to drive your car down the runway. Take my word for it. I did it once and … it was pretty cool…“)

One of the weirdest and coolest things of the evening was running into Anessa, a friend from the blogosphere! Wow! Who rock the party, she rock the party! I’m not sure it it was even weirder, but it turned out that we had actually met once before. At The Icehouse.

Much much more fun was had, but this post is already a week late, so another time, alrighty?

But here’s some pictures, which are pretty funny. Especially the ones at Henry’s Ark in Louisville.

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