Dawn Flowers Spring 2005

Just a peek
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This morning I went for my occasional walk at dawn down the street to the secret world of the Ashland Estate. When I’m smart, I do this regularly, because it soothes my soul and I see amazing things.

Click here to see some of Springtime’s wonders, as seen by my camera.

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  1. Holy Macro lens, Mick-Man. Nice shots. I often miss the old Henry Clay place. I used to spend a lot of time there. Nowdays I tend to glance at it longingly on my too brief visits to Lex, as I’m being driven back and forth from one thing to another (or Kroger).

    Remember the old secret ladder tree? I think you showed it to me in the first place. That was the greatest thing ever. Last time I checked, it had been de-ladderized by some ice storm or another.


  2. Mick,
    Thank you for sharing the delights of spring with all of us. I love it when that carpet of tiny white wildflowers appears at Ashland, spring’s reflection of a winter snow, yet harbinger of sunnier times to come. Lovely photographs–what an eye you have.

  3. Micklet,

    My favorite flower shot is the one on the front blog page. Thanks for sharing.

    Procrastinatingly yours, Danielle T

  4. aaah flowers… how their soft, wet petals eagerly, yet slowly bloom open like a freshly scrubbed, lovingly nudged vagina.


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