Damn, I love my coffee

Most days, I spend at the Toddy Cafe. That’s my house, I guess, although it can be portable. I felt like a fool when I dropped the $34.95 for a big plastic funnel and a carafe, but I have never looked back. I keep my coffee in the refrigerator now. I heat it in the microwave, add boiling water, and my coffee is almost certainly the best you’ve ever tasted. Unless you, too, are a Toddy person. This is one of my favorite things in daily life. And my coffee drinking, sadly, has increased dramatically. I’m okay with that.

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  1. Do you actually do any brewing or do you mix concentrate and water? I have friends who used to use this system and said it was, in fact, the best coffee they had ever tasted. They got lazy or something and gave it up, went back to the mainstream. A move that often means a quality decrease, maybe?

  2. do you ever dip your pee-pee innit? just to see what it would taste like? i don’t think it would taste very good at all. i bet the manufacturers of this fine product never took that into consideration. if i can help you out with this experiment, let me know.

    -the GHOST of pope john paul the 2ND!

  3. AH-HA! You may think you’re quote/unquote anonymous but since you said “GHOST” I can narrow you down to within the trillion people who are living after the death of Pope JPII. I am hot on your trail.. and you will burn. Your quote-unquote pee-pee, that, too, will burn.

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