Hammer Time!

Today is the big day! My first performance with Dr. Han’s Gamelan. I’ve been to three practices, all basically concerning our Gamelan version of Stephen Foster’s “Hard Times Come Again No More.” And then, at the last practice, Dr. Han gives me THREE pieces of music, saying “You need to learn these pieces. We already know them, so you will have to learn them quickly!” Uh, yeah. Actually it’s so hilarious and charming that Dr. Han will even let me do this. And this morning, I came in and practiced the pieces in solitude. It really helps to count out loud, I found. What a delightful experience this is.

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  1. My first tepid and timid entry into the blogosphere…But I could not let another Mick Jeffries entry go without comment. I am delighted that you entered the scintillating tintinabulation of the gamelon world with such reckless abandon–what a delight it is to share the chimes and gongs with you. I am greatly enjoying your blog as well–chocolate milk is some of the finest comfort there is this side of nectar and ambrosia.
    Nice concert…

  2. Oh My! That sounds pretty hard core. Did you have to sight read at the gig? I sincerely hope you were able to bang a gong & get yrr gamelon on. Keep us posted.

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