Low, Pedro the Lion and Warmer Milks

LOW from Deluth, Minnesota, is not nearly as serious as they look in the picture. Except during their songs. tonight they played what everyone agreed was an odd show at university of kentucky’s swanky singletary center, a classical joint, by most reckonings. not tonight. this night, the hipster kidz poured in for a triple treat of locals Warmer Milks, Pedro the Lion and headliners Low. All acts seemed mildly uncomfortable with the chamber setting, but there was no doubt that the room was going to play in Low’s favor. Pedro’s frontman, at one point said: “Excuse us, we’re dyin’ up here. but we hope you’re enjoying the music.” Huh? anyway it was funny, but not as funny as his Q&A, in which audience members were encouraged to ask questions. Pedro and WM were fine, even better than fine, but it was Low that was the majestic. I don’t know how to describe it. As a matter of fact, I kept thinking, “this is the least photogenic bill I’ve ever seen.” Not that the musicians were ugly, just that pictures would offer no real insight into the sound of any of the bands. There was a lot of bringin’ the rock sitting down.

Let’s see– Low. three people spinning gold out of the bare minimum: electric guitar, bass, and one tom, a snare and –what– two cymbals?. I can’t confirm that. Maybe only one. Kate went too, and we continuously cackled at the seeming non-plussed nature of Mimi, whose voice was like the fucking rapture, and her drumming was simultaniously so simple (we’re talkin’ quarter notes on the cymbal and snare for 10 minutes at a time) and yet so perfect. As a contrast, she had this look of “who? me? give a shit about these drums? i don’t think so.” but then there she was with absolutely flawless rhythm.

I was fidgety during the first two sets, but during Low, languour set in. All the while, people were leaving in columns. Too bad, but fuck em! Low was incredible. I just don’t know any other bands except Lambchop that show their shit by playing perfectly quietly. From Low, you could hear every note, every word. And the way it fit together just made me close my eyes and breathe deeply.

Something almost supernatural about these cats. I told Kate: “They don’t appear to be playing the music that we’re hearing.” Which is a compliment. Listening to Low in concert was like watching a person levitate right before your eyes.

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