Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth
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Every spring, it seems like I notice something different. This year, it’s tiny little glories like these violets and Spring Beauties. It’s a lovely time here in the Bluegrass.

Day of Great Things

Okay, so here’s all the great things that have happened to me today. Okay, here’s some of the great things that have happened to me today

  1. Woke up. Always a plus
  2. Posted some pictures of Mecca’s 6th Birthday and Gallery Hop. (yours for the viewing)
  3. Went to Gamelan practice.
  4. Had major compliments paid and received more work from my favorite private school client, for whom I’m now doing much marketing.
  5. Got a car wash.
  6. Sat in Lori’s back yard and schemed good copy for her great boutique and Lexington at large in hopes of attracting major publication press.
  7. went to a cookout with the Lexicon Project folks. (okay, okay that was last night)
  8. Got some superfly new sunglasses from previously mentioned great boutique.
  9. walked with my sweetie in the fully-in-bloom Lexington Cemetery and got stalked by assorted ducks.
  10. got my first facial from Charlotte Webb, including a crazy rock-solid mud mask.
  11. rode my bike around, feeling the spring air and smelling bergamot, dogwood, and much more.
  12. celebrated the day with the first official gin and tonic of the season.
  13. THE CAPPER; Had a guy drive up and hand me a $500 check to me that had been mis-delivered to his house on the other side of town.

I ain’t kiddin’ ya, it’s been a banner day.


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LeetSpeak Star Wars (or l33t $t@r |/@r$)

I was fiddling around this morning and saw the word “leet” twice in less than a minute and thought, “WTF?” Well, that’s leetspeak right there. Short for “elite,” as in Internet gamers and such who get their kicks by replacing le77ers in emailez, you g3t the idea.. I had to check out the Wikipedia entry to get it to really register. ‘Cause everybody probably does it a little bit, IMO.

Admitting to said ungrammatical behavior, this Star Wars trailer with leetspeak subtitles is laugh-out-loud funny.

Oh, That Enneagram…

EnneagramSunday, Lucy and I went to Scott’s Enneagram discussion group. It was a great way to wrap up the day. I feel kind of like a crackpot saying this, but based on my Enneagram Type, my immediate enthusiastic reaction to it as “the answer to all my problems” would make sense. But that aside, it’s totally fascinating stuff, especially as Scott relates it. One girl there said that she’d read many books, but had picked up more in the 2 hours that we sat around gabbing than in all the books.

If you go to the Enneagram, you can do a free quickie profiling test.

Or you can go get your wisdom from Strong Bad instead.

Akiyoshi’s illusion pages

If you loved (still love!) M.C. Escher, or spent your childhood in the library looking at books of optical illusions, there are so many things on the Web for you! And me. Okay, I certainly have better things to do than sit around looking at Akiyoshi’s illusion pages, but sometimes I need a break. Looking at some of these is like looking at blooming spring flowers. And looking at others is like looking at blooming spring flowers after doing too many tours on the Tilt-A-Whirl at the carnival.

Damn, I love my coffee

Most days, I spend at the Toddy Cafe. That’s my house, I guess, although it can be portable. I felt like a fool when I dropped the $34.95 for a big plastic funnel and a carafe, but I have never looked back. I keep my coffee in the refrigerator now. I heat it in the microwave, add boiling water, and my coffee is almost certainly the best you’ve ever tasted. Unless you, too, are a Toddy person. This is one of my favorite things in daily life. And my coffee drinking, sadly, has increased dramatically. I’m okay with that.