Surgery update

An update for the many people who have cared for me and my family and provided us with all sorts of love recently:

I had right-shoulder surgery on Friday morning, and everything seemed to go very well. As was the case a year ago (left shoulder surgery), the staff of UK HealthCare were absolute rock stars, and took great great care of me.

It was a long weekend, but Monday, I got to take a shower. EVERYBODY is glad about that. Lucy helped peel off the world’s biggest bandage and yowee, that felt the way you would expect peeling off the world’s biggest bandage would feel. <ow, ow, ow!>

Yesterday, my ever-reliable beloved friend Robert King took me to my much-anticipated post op follow-up, and the crew at UK Sports Medicine – Turfland – said everything looked just as great as it could possibly look. My incredible surgeon, Dr. Greg Mair, fixed the two rotator cuff tears, as well as repairing a long-standing bicep tear and addressed some arthritis while they were “in there.” So that was really wonderful to hear. (Side note: this is arthroscopic surgery, if you didn’t know, and it’s insane—done mostly like a video game through tiny incisions with tiny cameras and tiny tools. Hooray for modern medicine)

Now I just have to be in the 24/7 Ultra-Sling III® for at least another month—which is exhausting and regularly frustrating, can’t lie—but I’ll take it! Because once I’m nominally out of the sling, I can start the rehab road to rebuilding strength and, in a few months, having a shoulder that is better than it was in the first place. (Side musing: a lot of people suppose that rehab/PT is where the real struggle [pain] starts, but I don’t feel that way. Because when I get to PT, that’s when I *get to work* and get to experience a real sense of PROGRESS. I cannot WAIT to get started! But right now my job is precisely: to *wait* while the surgery trauma heals—for a month at least.

I feel like dead weight around the house, and am beyond grateful to Lucy for all the TLC and for keeping this family afloat while I grow moss on my backside. Those feelings are hard. I don’t like to be helped. I vastly prefer to do

The helping. But I know there aren’t any shortcuts in this recuperation, and that the best thing I can do for my family is to make a full recovery by following doctor’s orders.

I want to profusely thank the wonderful people who have provided us with food. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude. THANK YOU to Jenn Lee McCaffrey for rebooting our Mealtrain (from a year ago, inconceivable, the need to do that). If you have a whisk that’s wanting to whisk, we’ll just say a humble and heartfelt “thank you.” HTTPS://

I’m including some images of the food that’s kept us so well fed. (With an extra shout out to Wyn and Vicki Sword, who funded a feast from Malone’s that we inhaled before remembering to take a picture)

Much love to all, and I look forward to being able to one day repay the kindness we’ve been shown through this challenge.

This is a new road. But it’s also an old road. It’s a road that has been reconfigured to do more and to BE more to more people, after visionary planning, careful consideration, reflection, meticulous design, and execution. This post is about more than a road. It’s about belief and action. This road is an example of the world as a better place. The world can be a better place through belief and action. Find your place on that road. #legacytrail #historiceastend #blacklivesmatter #sharethelex #minglefreely

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